Atonement – Book Review

While I write about The Couch as a place where we read and watch movies – and through them jump into alternate worlds and realities and have wild adventures – there is also another type of adventure/awesome discovery that the couch offers: the adventure of falling in love.

The most cliched (and rightly so) adventure of all, falling in love – whether it be with actors, characters, or authors- is a wondrous and dramatic experience that flavours or existence and the couch, therefore should be considered a scared place because its the site where a lot of those feelings flower.

This week I fell in love – and believe me, I wasn’t expecting to – with the story of a thirteen year-old girl who makes a mistake and then spends her entire life trying to atone. The dramatic events that befall Briony and her family made for the most compelling read I’ve had in a while.

Read all about it on the ‘Book Reviews’ tab in the menu, and right here!

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