Take a Seat!

Well hey there!

Are you into secret adventures, soul-searching, conversations, and whatnot?

It’s a crazy world out there; who knows what will happen today? Tomorrow? Next week? I certainly don’t! But while there are many things I don’t know, there are some things that I do, the most important being that it’s a helluva crazy world out there so we may as well have somewhere comfy to curl up and try to make sense of it!

Hence, the Couch. A couch is a place where one can escape, explore, ponder, teach, learn, and retreat to. It’s the ultimate space!


My couch is where I go on adventures, either on the screen or in the pages of a book. It’s where I find nourishment from my latest culinary endeavours. It’s where I have serious conversations about the state of the world and how everything makes me feel. And it’s where I invite my friends to share their thoughts and talk about their worlds.

So please, take a seat!