Emma – Movie Review

Indeed one cannot deny the pleasing and brightening effect of a good romantic comedy before breakfast. This morning on the Couch, I was joined for coffee by a talented matchmaker who regaled me with romantic tales of conquest, intrigue, and misinterpretation. Check out the review in the menu tab, and right here!

Northanger Abbey – Movie Review

Who doesn’t enjoy a little flirting, manipulation, sociopathy, and patriarchal tyranny after dinner? This evening my companion on the Couch was budding socialite and avid gothic romance reader, Catherine Morland. Oh we discussed a great many things, including the time she went to stay in a haunted house! Read all about it in the ‘Movie…

Mansfield Park – Movie Review

Well, this was bound to happen. This week on the Couch I am to have a congregation of ladies, gentlemen, romances, and scandals, as I have dived down the rabbit hole into Austenland -so be prepared! For tea this afternoon, the party was made up of Fanny Price, Edmund Bertram, Mr Henry and Miss Marianne…

Pom Poko – Movie Review

It’s a lovely and gloomy, overcast afternoon here on the Couch, so my partner and I decided to spend it in the company of a colony of magical, shape-shifting raccoons who are on a mission to revitalise the lost art of transformation and use it to stop humans destroying their forest for housing developments. Check…

Whisper of the Heart – Movie Review

Not all adventures are based on magic and mystery! This Studio Ghibli classic about an adolescent girl trying to find excitement and direction in her life is sweet, compelling, and beautiful! Check it out on the ‘Movie Reviews’ tab in the menu or here!