The Old Man and the Sea – Book Review

This week on The Couch, I took (what was meant to be) a relaxing trip to Havana. There I met an old man, an old fisherman, who regaled me with the rather dramatic tale of the time he hooked a monstrous marlin! Read all about it in the ‘Book Reviews’ tab, and right here!

Great Expectations -Book Review

This week on The Couch I took a trip back to Dickensian England: the sooty streets, the country full of convicts, and the people just as dirty and wild, as I curled up with a classic. I met with Pip and learned all about his childhood and his mysterious patronage that would allow him to…

Brideshead Revisited – Book Review

This week on the Couch, things got charismatic and a little dispiriting as I met with some very rich and intriguingly eccentric people, only to watch their charm of youth wither and lead to unfulfilled lives. Gatsby, eat your heart out.. Read all about it on the ‘Book Reviews’ tab, and right here!

Picnic at Hanging Rock – Book Review

The happenings on The Couch continued to grow more sinister and mysterious this week, as I took a trip into the Australian outback and watched a small town become completely undone by the mysterious disappearance of four girls during a school excursion. Read all about it on the ‘book reviews’ tab, and right here!