A Deadly Education – Book Review

I must first apologise for being a little reclusive for the past few weeks. I did indeed fall into a rabbit hole with Tom’s stories about Spooks and dark monsters, so much so that I forgot to post about them. One could say that I fell into the crack of The Couch.

But I am back now with renewed intent to keep my followers up to date with whatever new worlds I’m visiting and new friends I’m making on The Couch.

This week I found a new love in Noami Novik’s speculative fiction and sat down with Galadriel Higgins, an antisocial middle-school student. Now school’s hard enough for any adolescent, but for El and her magical peers attending the Scholomance, it’s downright deadly, as the school itself is a formidable monster trying to devour its students at every moment.

Read all about it in the ‘Book Reviews’ tab in the menu, and right here!

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