Gone With the Wind – Book Review

Yes, this week on The Couch I plummeted down the rabbit hole of epic-ness with a classic tale of history, drama, and quite possibly the most intriguing love story ever told: Gone With the Wind! A story of war, identity and cultural sculpting, and romance of the most entertaining sort (reluctant), this book, despite its…

A Deadly Education – Book Review

I must first apologise for being a little reclusive for the past few weeks. I did indeed fall into a rabbit hole with Tom’s stories about Spooks and dark monsters, so much so that I forgot to post about them. One could say that I fell into the crack of The Couch. But I am…

Fathoms – Book Review

This week on The Couch, I sat down with author and university tutor Rebecca Giggs and we chatted about a topic that I never realised could be so fascinating: whales. Whales are gorgeous creatures -we know this- but I for one never realised just how strong, long, and occasionally bizarre humanity’s relationship with whales is….

The Wide Sargasso Sea – Book Review

This week on The Couch, I took a trip to the Caribbean. Sadly there were no baby-faced blacksmiths or sexy Depp pirates, but I did meet a tragically interesting woman and her husband, tricked into a marriage that brought happiness to no-one. Read all about it on the ‘Book Review’s tab, and right here!

Any Ordinary Day – Book Review

Things got very real on the Couch this week, as I got together with journalist and TV host Leigh Sales and listened to her thoughts on trauma, human nature, and how people can come back from the worst day of their lives. Read all about it on the ‘Book Reviews’ tab, and right here!