Hannah Belle’s Shelf

Before the silver screen, the fountain of voyeurism was books.

As books have been a constant companion throughout my life, I would like them to be companions for others, and so I write reviews about the books that I read in the hope that some may find homes on the shelves of other peoples libraries!

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Mythos – This week I spent some time with Stephen Fry, traversing the wild and vibrant lands of Ancient Greece, as he regaled me with wonderful retellings of the ancient myths of creation, the Titanomachy, and, course, the Olympians.

This is a very entertaining read.





Image credit: Booktopia

Eggshell Skull – This week I spent four years with Bri Lee exploring the gender biases  and absurdities of the Queensland legal system; one year as a judge’s associate, and three more as the complainant in a child molestation case.


The story is searing, sad, and inspiring.