Queer Eye’s Coming Back for Seconds!

My Twitter feed was alive this morning sharing the most glorious news: Queer Eye is coming back for a second season!


Considering that the show gained the hosts thousands of followers on Twitter and Instagram, is one of the most popular trends on Netflix, and continues to have follow-up articles and thought pieces written about it to this day it’s not surprising that Queer Eye is coming back for season two. But this doesn’t make the announcement any less exciting.

A reboot of the original show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy was one of the smartest ideas ever. In a culture of binge-watching and reality television the Netflix series is a pocket of happiness at the end of a long dark day. Twitter commentary on the first season was primarily made up of tweets that praised the show for its positive attitude, sweetness, and emotionally uplifting vibe.

But more than that, what many people have responded to is just how powerful the show is as a commentary on the state of the world. In the very first episode stylist Tan France explained that the original show’s mission was to gain tolerance whereas this show is all about gaining acceptance. To say that the Fab Five achieved that goal is an understatement. Amidst the dazzling makeovers of people and their habitats the guys have confronted social stigmas of inequality in a variety of different communities.

Image credit: Bustle

Filmed in the American South –primarily Georgia and Atlanta- the Fab Five entered the homes of eight men and not only made over their wardrobes and living spaces, but their attitudes as well. The “Dega Don’t” episode saw culture expert Karamo Brown start to ford the racist fissure between cops and black people in a very moving and personal car trip. In “Camp Rules” the guys found themselves being embraced by a Christian household. But “To Gay or Not Too Gay” was by the far the most emotional episode, as it saw the guys help a closeted gay black man come out to his family. To say the boys have achieved mere acceptance is almost an insult when you consider just how many social barriers they’ve cleared over the season.

Now they’re coming back for seconds and I can honestly say that I am so excited! Creator David Collins has said that he would like to film the show in the Midwest this time around: places like Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and even take the boys to his hometown of Cincinnati, giving the show even more of a personal edge.

Image credit: NewNowNext

With so much to look forward to in a second season: Antoni’s hypnotic smile, Bobby’s astounding transformation powers, Karamo’s sincere motivational speeches, Jonathan’s infectious confidence, and Tan’s irrepressible sweetness, it’s just a shame that we now have to play the waiting game!

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