Justice League -Review

What could have been a kick-arse action mission to save the world is quickly revealed to be a lacklustre cry for justice…

Image credit: Heroic Hollywood

Apparently there’s a Twitter campaign trying to get people to watch Justice League 6 times in an attempt to make sure these characters don’t leave our screens. I can understand that these superheroes mean a lot to the fans and DC lovers don’t want to see them disappear, but I cannot help but feel that asking people to baste themselves in acid would be a kinder request.

Everyone is maudlin after the death of Superman, but that doesn’t mean annihilation will wait. When freaky insect creatures start swarming around Gotham and the evil Steppenwolf threatens the world, Bruce Wayne puts together a team of superheroes including Wonder Woman, The Flash, Cyborg, and the Aquaman to save the day.

One word. BORING! Justice League suffers from the same thing that stopped Suicide Squad from being a vibrant explosion of coolness: a load of rad characters brought together and let down by Warner’s rapidly trying to write in their origin stories. I seriously understand what Warner Bros. is trying to do, but they really should have started slow and steady, not fly out of the gate in an attempt to catch Marvel. It’s infuriatingly nerve-wracking to watch them make a cataclysmic shambles of perfectly good characters. Watching this movie, it felt that everyone involved shared my thoughts and were despairing that it’s too late to fix it because it looked like no one was putting in any effort.

Image credit: Batman-News

There is a reason why this movie bombed in its opening weekend. The performances were astoundingly lacklustre, –although I’ll give an applaud to Ezra Miller who actually tried– the direction was heartless, the script was plain awful, and all the action sequences were just going through the motions like Buffy returned from that heavenly realm.

I could sit and dissect all of the little things that led to this epic failure of a movie -ranging from it’s almost identical Avengers plot about an evil space dude hunting for shining cubes of power to the lack of any sort of chemistry between the cast- but honestly what it really comes down to is the exact problem that Suicide Squad had. All these cool action heroes are teamed together for adventures of awesomeness and half the film is devoted to telling quick and flimsy origin stories that do nothing for the movie: they didn’t make me care for the characters more and they didn’t give me much insight into them either, they were just a waste of space.

It’s dispiriting, downright dispiriting to see such beloved characters and stories get butchered and reduced to something plain, predictable, and boring. Seriously, even smoldering Jason Momoa did not make this movie worth my eye-power.

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